MSc in Bioarchaeology (U.C.L.archaeobotany specialism -Gordon Hillman 1995-1996)   

MA in Maritime Archaeology (with Distinction U.C.L. -2007-2009- Dr Joe Flatman)

BA Hons Archaeology and Environmental Studies (Lampeter - 1986-1989)

 My research interests include the archaeobotanical aspects of submerged/intertidal cultural landscapes, shipwreck archaeobotany and Northern European ethnobotany.

EXPERIENCE: In 1996 I started working as an archaeobotanist for the Museum of London with John Giorgi and Anne Davis. In 2002 I started working as a freelance archaeobotanist. Since then I've had the chance to work on samples from a wide range of site types in England, Ireland and France.  Most of my day-to-day work is from land-based developer-funded archaeology. I the last few years I have worked on research funded projects that have included samples form the prehistoric intertidal zone at Hoo on the River Medway in Kent, wood from the submerged landscape at Bouldnor Cliff and plant remains from a the Esmerelda Shipwreck. Occasionally I accept invitations to teach or give talks. My most recent invitations came from a W.E.A. group 'Ankh' and I helped teach on two underwater archaeology courses as a Nautical Archaeology Society Assistant tutor as part of outreach for the 2017 season of investigation of the Rooswiijk Shipwreck.

MEMBERSHIPS: I am an Associate member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, a member of the Association for Environmental Archaeology the Nautical Archaeology Society and the Society fo Economic Botany.

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